Six DIY Garden Projects That Will Make You Want to Go Green for Earth Day

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Living in an apartment is great, but you just can’t have some of the things homeowners have, like pretty vegetable and flower gardens. Right?


With Earth Day upon us, it seems fit to share one of apartment living’s best kept secrets… Patio Gardening! It can be as simple or as complex as you’d like it to be, it adds a special touch to your home, and it’s a great hobby!

Not sure how to get started? Here are some easy, DIY garden projects to wake up your dormant green thumb.

1. Mason Jar Herb Garden

DIY Garden - Earth Day 1

This DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden from may be simple to make, but doesn’t lack in style or function. Always having fresh herbs around is elegant and delicious. Don’t forget to read the comments section for great advice on watering and drainage for your herbs!

2. 7-Step Pallet Garden

DIY Garden - Earth Day 2

Pallet projects are all the rage these days, and this DIY Pallet Garden is just as easy to make as it is trendy. In only seven steps, you will have a garden worthy of a backyard, that fits on your balcony!

3. Terra-Cotta Vertical Garden

Vertical clay pot garden. DIY by The Horticult / Ryan Benoit Des

This vertical garden takes slightly more work to put together, but is totally worth it. The Horticult has simple instructions on how to turn inexpensive terra-cotta pots and some hardware into a chic, urban-inspired garden.

4. “Pallet” Herb Garden

DIY Garden - Earth Day 4

This “pallet project” resembles a pallet, but Chrissy from The Pink Lemonade Blog didn’t actually use a pallet. Her instructions do require cutting some wood, but with a splash of chalkboard paint, this planter becomes cute and personalized.

5. Wall-Mounted Succulent Letter DIY

DIY Garden - Earth Day 5

Sarah from House & Fig says this project is only loosely DIY because she bought the letter frame at a floral store in San Francisco. But filling the frame with hard-to-kill succulents is just as clever as coming up with a whole DIY garden project from start-to-finish. Hats off to you, Sarah.

6. Shoe Organizer Herb Garden

DIY Garden - Earth Day 6

Really awesome DIY garden projects often start with re-purposing other household items. Take a shoe organizer, for example. This idea from Birds & Blooms couldn’t be easier, and the optional plant tags really make it stand out.

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    17. May, 2016

    Can’t wait to try some of these out! The pallet herb garden seems like a fun project to make my balcony stand out.

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