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Breaking Down March Madness

Posted on 18. Mar, 2013 by in Gainesville, On Campus, Orlando

Let me preface this post with saying that I’m the 2012 Bracket Winner of our office. BOOM!
(but honestly I think it was sheer luck…or fluke).

I got a fever and the only prescription is more March Madness. College Basketball’s biggest season is here, so get ready for a month of bad metaphors and alliteration: Sweet 16. Final Four and what not. The national tournament run by the NCAA, will determine the national champion of college basketball. The focus is on men’s Division I – games start Tuesday March 18th through Monday April 8th (the women’s tournament starts Saturday).

“But what if I don’t like basketball?” you ask, “Or what if I don’t understand the game?”. That’s OK, I only know a handful of teams myself. But this isn’t about me or you and March Madness isn’t JUST about basketball. It’s about school/alumni pride and crushing your co-workers in a bracket pool. (This I say from experience and it’s awesome). So here’s what you need to know.

Breaking Down March Madness | The CMC Scene

March Madness 101

There are 68 men’s college teams. They compete in four regions to make it into the Sweet 16. Winners to move onto the Elite Eight, that list shrinks even more for the Final Four and then the final best two teams go head to head for the National Championship.

You’ll need a bracket for fun bets (or real cash ones). Or at least know so you’ll what teams are competing and which one you’d like to win. Will you become consumed? Will productivity go down at work? Well…maybe, but it’s only for a month. Download a March Madness bracket here.

I couldn’t tell you. 31 of the teams made it in by winning their respective conferences; the rest were picked by their sheer performance, ranking and something called Selection Sunday which can easily be compared to the recent conclave vote in terms of secrery and “need to know” attendees and contributors. Perhaps that means Pope Francis will be backing Gonzaga?

Sure? Who knows what will happen in March Madness. But it probably won’t be as dramatic as this.

I didn’t get that memo. But watching these college games, it’s like the 80s never left. Shake out those Zubas you’ll fit right in.

Want a bigger breakdown? Check out March Madness A-Z from CNN. Meanwhile click here for the Florida Gators Men’s Basketball schedule – and Florida Gators Women’s Basketball for more.

Who are you rooting for? Tell us your picks below.

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  1. Herb Jones

    19. Mar, 2013

    great post… and watch out! Our gators will be in the final four (or so many analysts believe)

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