Food Truck Rally hits downtown Gainesville

Posted on 28. Jan, 2013 by in Eats, Local Events

You may have seen our crazy panicked tweets about chicken and waffles on Saturday night.

We were in downtown Gainesville at the first-ever Food Truck Rally featuring local food trucks: Pelican Brothers, Go Go Stuff Yourself, Grilled Cheese Wagon, Humble Pie, La Lola Loca and Off the Griddle (visiting from Polk County).

Off the Griddle Food Truck

As a long time lonchera supporter myself I attended out of sheer curiosity. How did I not hear about this until last minute!? A random blog post on The Alligator was my source and a Facebook event confirmed it. Hundreds were there at 7p.m. ready to dive into plates of burgers, tacos, rice bowls, pad thai, pizzas, dressed-up fries and squid gyros. Yep. Squid Gyro. Here’s what went down.

La Lola Loca Food Truck

  • Portions were big for your buck. We thought you got a lot of food for the price, the majority of dishes under $10 (most under $8) – that Chicken Bowl above cost $6.35
  • Lines were long. But that’s to be expected, it was our first rally – we were excited!
  • Chicken and Waffles did run out, but Pelican Bros. made it back in time with reserves. (Forgive the blurry photo, there was a hurried frenzy to order these)
  • Yes, there was a brick oven making yummy pizzas to customize in the corner (didn’t get to try it)
  • Pelican Bros Food Truck

    Don’t go to a food truck rally expecting gastronomic enlightenment – go to have a good time and enjoy hot street eats under the stars. For a first attempt I thought it went pretty well (the organizers and some patrons agree). I hope the hosts give this another try; it seems Gainesville is ready.

    Did you attend on Saturday night? The organizers would love your feedback – tell ’em about your experience here.

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    Does anyone know where the food trucks go when not at a rally? Tell us how to find them around town in the comments.

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