CMC Design: From Concept to Creation

Posted on 20. Feb, 2012 by in Gainesville Apartments

We came up with a new ad campaign for the 2012 Santa Fe College Survival Guide as many of our apartments work for students attending Santa Fe College in Gainesville.

This campaign was a lot of fun and sketched over a yummy lunch at Piesano’s Italian with neutral7 (it appears most of our brainstorms take place around food).

We thought it would be fun to show you images of the concept vs. the complete creation.

The idea was simple. We asked, “How does a CMC property work for students attending Santa Fe?”. We found that while our properties are scattered around Gainesville; Spyglass, Lakewood Villas, Lake Crossing and Woodland Villas had the best offerings as far as: space, roommate options, layout, public transport and amenities. We needed to get that message all on one page!

We wanted it to be quiet, not super busy but at the same time striking. So like a tiled floor we laid it out, picked the best points, punchy colors and brought back our amenities icons from last year and came up with this.

CMC has all the pieces to your success (and luckily the people in the finished product don’t look like the skull in the drawing).

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