SIP and Slide into Summer

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I had big plans to bring Moscow Mules back this summer…BIG plans.

Then I remembered I’m not much of an alcohol drinker and when I made the drink it tasted like bad ginger ale. (The recipe really calls for Ginger Beer but that’s a ton of trouble to make. Worth it, but, not worth it when testing drink recipes). To be honest, if I really had to choose between booze and taste, I’d rather go for TASTE and take advantage of all the great, seasonal fruits that I miss so dearly come cold weather time.

Though it’s been super hot in Florida these last few weeks, summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21st.
Suffice it to say I better find a signature drink fast!

I put in a call to the best, local foodie I know for recommendations on a summer drink sensation.

Pear and Elderflower White Sangria – use LOTS of ice!

If you’re into fruity and fun options Maghan McDowell, editor of INsite Magazine, gave us some GREAT recommendations

“The main thing to remember is to either add a watery fruit (like an orange or any type of melon) or to add bubbly water. If you don’t want to add ice, just blend a frozen fruit to keep it cool”.

One of her favorites is blending: watermelon and kiwi with bubbly water and white wine. She also suggests adding or substituting cantaloupe, mango, papaya and swapping champagne or flavored sparkling water for white wine.

P.S. Sabore Restaurant in Town of Tioga has an AMAZING White Wine Sangria.

Want something more stocky? Try a frozen orange juice blended with regular orange juice, banana and rum – or try coconut milk as the base liquid and blend oranges and bananas with rum.

Do you have any summery faves? We’d love to hear them – leave a comment below or post a fave to our wall on Facebook.

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  1. KAT

    02. Jun, 2011

    Midori sour tastes like watermelon. love it…

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