CMC’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Posted on 10. Feb, 2011 by in Gainesville, Local Events, Orlando

There’s the age-old argument that Valentine’s Day is just another gimmick created by the greeting card companies.

The record industries to amp up sales with “limited release” cuts of sugary, love songs.

The concert promoters and restaurants that trick you into date nights you never thought you’d take part in.

Hollywood and the industry for releasing films filled with lackluster scripts, horrible music and too much kissing.

But then there are the sentimentalists and traditional folk who believe in the story of Saint Valentine – Patron of Love, Young People & Happy Marriages.

The kids and teachers who make adorable cards and cookies covered in pink and red glitter and other sparkling goodness.

Who can forget their first Valentine’s card from a crush or a cute kid?

No matter what side of the fence you’re on, we aren’t one to miss a theme at CMC. So we’ve roused up our most music-loving staff members to create the CMC Lonely Hearts Playlist – which you can stream here in the sidebar of our blog.

These are picks from Corey, Alicia, Heather, Kyle, Melanie, Lauren, Ian, Maghan, Penny, Jeremy and Brittany. We think it’s pretty amazing and we’d love some suggestions if you think we missed any.

This week, we took stock at Huntington Lakes of all the great notes and letters our residents sent us. Who needs Valentine’s when you have these!

What are you plans for Valentine’s Day? Need some dining suggestions?

Check out our CMC Noms! Page for great dishes around town.

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6 Responses to “CMC’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”

  1. Nadia

    10. Feb, 2011

    I think you’re on to something with your playlist but imho you are missing two, albeit old timey, quintessential love songs. Etta James – At Last and The Platters – Only You.

    Just sayin 🙂

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  2. Melanie

    10. Feb, 2011

    @Nadia – old timey is the best timey. Next time for sure. Thanks for the suggestions!

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  3. Tammy

    10. Feb, 2011

    Love the Playlist! If I could add a tune…Hummm..oh yeah….”Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” ~ Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell! Happy Valentine’s Day CMC!!

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  4. Penny

    10. Feb, 2011

    I think Melanie did a great job considering I gave her like 500 Motown songs to sift thru!!

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  5. Corey

    14. Feb, 2011

    Loved the playlist! I sure hope someone played PYT to their Valentine!!

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    • Melanie

      15. Feb, 2011

      Thanks Corey! It came out pretty great for a team effort, and who doesn’t want to listen to Wilson Pickett

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