Review: Sabore Restaurant, Town of Tioga

Posted on 24. Jan, 2011 by in Eats, Gainesville, Weekend

Three words. I love Sabore in the Tioga Town Center.

It’s flavorful, delicious and good-looking – in order of my priorities of course. It’s a great place (in true tapas style) for friends, sharing, a fun night out or a date – though if you enjoy food as much as I do, your company may be neglected.

One caveat, I seem towards gravitate to the same items; but I suppose that is a good sign. It means they are extra delicious.

A favorite of mine on the menu is the Tuna Tostone – a great fusion of texture and flavor. A tostone or fried green plantain is topped with aguacate (avocado) salsa and seared tuna. Please order this, it’s a must have.

If you like sushi, while not on the menu (but I’m told you can ask for it), get the Tornado Roll. It’s your typical battered, fried, spicy roll topped with crab but they do it really well.

On to the main event. Try their Pan Roasted Chicken. It’s served over a black bean puree with a delicious, salty/sweet tamarind sauce. The mild and sharp combo of the beans and tamarind are excellent.

Out of the risotto options I like the Risotto Porcini with truffle oil better than the Risotto Asparagus. It’s heavy dish, so save this for last if you don’t want to fill up.

The Fiocchi with Pear – a cheese and pear pasta purse – is always a winner. It sits in a gorgonzola cheese sauce and is dense, creamy and explosive with flavor.

If there is room for dessert give the light and creamy Mango Cheesecake on a macadamia crust a whirl.

Download the menu here or add them to your foursquare to-do list.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Sabore.

Next on my list? Heading there for lunch to try the Crispy Duck Salad and Bacalao.

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