PM’s in the P.M.

Posted on 27. Sep, 2010 by in Gainesville, Gainesville Apartments

Snazzy name right? We were recently invited to an exclusive property manager event call PM’s in the PM at Sharab Lounge in downtown Gainesville. The party was hosted by our friends at neutral7 design and What a great way to wind down after a busy turn season!

PM's in the PM

Check out the cool, bandit signs neutral7 created as the invite. If you know the hosts, then you know they have the reputation to have fun and fantastically branded events. As expected this was no exception. See images from this event here. We enjoyed taking an evening off to relax and share war stories with our colleagues in the market, Roombug, COX Cable and the NCFAA team.

Everyone had a great time, we’re hoping this can become a monthly thing (hint hint!).

PMs Cool Kids

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